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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Dec 8, 2008
What Genre Should I Play

What style/Genre/Type of music should you play is up to you.  Many great drummers focus on one style, while others have mastered the fine art of drumming across many spectrums of Genre.

If you are interested in Jazz, my good friend Ken Sanders has a Jazz Drumming Group.  His link is here:



Music Calms the Tormented Beast
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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Aug 13, 2010
Still not Sure?

If you are just starting out, you may think you want to be one type of drummer and end up being another.  There are several methods out there that help you determine what your main drumming focus will be.  Share with us how you found yours.

Music Calms the Tormented Beast
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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Sep 17, 2010
Don't limit yourself

It is certainly quite normal to have a favorite style of music that you enjoy playing, or some

 favorite musicians that you admire.  But when you take a serious look at learning to play

 drums…..or learning to play better…… you shouldn’t limit what you listen to.  When you

hear recordings with established drummers like Stewart Copeland, Chad Smith, or Carter

 Beauford (just some examples) you will hear lots of genres that have influenced the drum

 parts they played on some major hits. 


Successful drummers develop the ability to create drum parts that fit a new tune perfectly

 by having listened to…..and studying….lots of different styles of music.


I’ve used the example of a house painter before to make a point about being open to things

 other that what you like best.  If a house painter really really likes blue houses, that doesn’t

 mean that he can  only paint blue houses.  As a matter of fact, the painter probably

wouldn’t work much if he  only did blue houses because people who pay for painters.....

 may desire a VARIETY  of colors.  Get the point?


If you are just starting out, I urge you to play every opportunity that you possibly can.  You

 will  learn something doing that (even if it is what NOT to do) and usually also learn

 something  about volume  control, meter, phrasing, etc.


Steve Gadd is another good example of a drummer who played along with a lot of different

 recordings and then developed some cool patterns with the “feel” he had mastered.  He is

 comfortable playing jazz, big band, Latin, rock, etc. and incorporating those influences into

 something new of his own.


I truly recommend that you keep an open mind and listen to lots of styles f music.  It will

 benefit you as you future develop  your own styles and basically an "aresenal" of  abilities.

IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Sep 20, 2010

Sound advice Ken!!   Thanks for sharing.

Music Calms the Tormented Beast
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Oct 21, 2018

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