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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Dec 13, 2007
Swivel Technique
This group continues to be kind of quiet doesn't it!

George Kollias and Tim Waterson are getting amazing results with that technique and I am totally impressed with that.

How many of you are either using or working on the swivel technique?

Here's some clips:
Tim Waterson



George Kollias



Also, have any of you used the BASS DRUM SECRETS (Jared Falk) DVD? I'd like to hear some comments about that too.

IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: Metalfinger on Feb 12, 2008
Hey thanks to Ken or this group would be real quiet. haha

I took some time checking out the links Ken posted. Very helpfull, just like the advice you gave.
Tottaly like what you said about developing the skills.
I myself am a self taught drummer and have had to learn the hard way because of it. But even as a self taught drummer. I have a keen ear for listening, mostly to my elders advice.
I can relate to the hrs spent focusing on the mechanics between even just bass drum, snare and hats. Its litterally endless what you or anybody could do playing the drums. I agree with Ken and alot of us that it simply comes down to just playing and learning everyday, good practise, slow everything down and understand whats going on before breaking any rules!

Cheers for the replies everbody

Just play your drums!
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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Feb 12, 2008
Reply to Metalfinger
I'm glad to see someone ELSE post to this group's site.  Let's get some some good dialog moving. 

Metalfinger, since you started the group, why don't you kick it off by telling us more about yourself, your playing etc., and then ask all the other group members to add their information too?


IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: Ani-mal on Mar 12, 2008

Unfortunately I can't access Youtube here at work so I will have to view the clips later on tonight at home.  I am looking forward to it though! Any thing new is always appreciated!

Animal on the loose! film at 11:00
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