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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Jan 4, 2010
Dave Weckl CD

I enjoy the honesty of live performances......no over dubs, no do-overs....just the music going down as the artist olayed it at that moment in time.

The CD "Live and Very Plugged In" by Dave Weckl and his band display their talents for grooving in odd time signatures, as well as great drum, bass, sax, and keyboard solos......all live and 'without a net".

Anyone else have some CD's to recommend as "well worth getting"?


IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: Tomm on Feb 17, 2010
Weckl CD

I'll get back to you on the CD recommendations, I just wanted to say that my son and I went to a drum clinic of Dave's in Lancing Michigan and his live work (to canned music) was over the top.  He's a helluva guy too, after the clinic he came out to the corridor and stayed there signing posters (one of which I won as a door prize) and anything ink would stick to.  Conversed with anyone on any subject. 

#2of 4 generations
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POSTED BY: KenSanders on May 20, 2010
Live CD's


It good to hear that you found him to be personable. When I met him in Nashville, I was of course impressed by his drumming.  But I was equally impressed with his humour and personality.  He performed at a jazz club here with bass, sax and keys.  Amazing music and musicians. 

IBJAMN in Nashville
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Aug 7, 2020

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