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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Jan 4, 2009
Hey Group Members! Which do you use"

Do you use two bass drums?


Do you use a double beater pedal?



IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: PASHA on Jan 5, 2009
Double bass or Double bass pedals?

It depends where!!

I prefer using the double bass drums - or single pedals wherever possible, it gives me more control as the movements are much smoother, but if I cant, I will of course opt out for a double pedal - I am using a double pedal on my snare drum... - saves the space and an extra drum!

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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Jan 8, 2009
Double drums or double beaters on one drum

I like two bass drums also, but the reality is that I usually don't use them....stage space, cartage, mixer channels, etc.  So, 95% of the time it's going to be one bass drum with a double beater pedal. 


IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: backbeatanonnymoose on Apr 2, 2009

hey im new to this site im seventeen but started at twelve ...anyways i finally got my double petals in december and am adapting fairly good id say but ive really been tryin to increase my foot speed is there any warm up or something that would drastically help because i just feel like i could improve so much more

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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Apr 7, 2009


I have yet to upgrad but I will use a double beater pedal.

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POSTED BY: Tomm on Apr 16, 2009

Presently beating my Pearl bass' Aquarian head with a set of Tama double beaters.

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