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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Dec 11, 2008
Easy Covers to Start With

Here you can post songs that you believe are good for beginners to attempt as a play along after practice. 

Let us know why you think the songs are easy, tell us about the fills, the beats, the cymbal work etc.



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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Dec 16, 2008

AC/DC is very easy to play, basic beats and fills.  Once you get your rudiments down, get the tab and listen to an AC/DC tune, read the tab along with the song and then sit behind your kit and attempt the song first with no music, just the tab; then go and play with the actual music/song.

If you do not read drum notation you can do as I have and that is listen to the song a few times, then play along with it.  I will say, reading notation would give you better control and cut aticipation of cymbals and fills down a great deal.  Then again, there are a great deal of famous drummers out there who never read a lick of music.


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POSTED BY: PASHA on Dec 17, 2008

Well I guess if you are going this route, than most of the rock/metal will do, just stay away from "Progressive metal" where there are lots of time changes all over the place...

I would recommend also to stay away from anything trash/death/black/speed/power/ metal too, cause those styles can really get challenging to beginner drummers...

Simple rock in 4/4 will do...

I mean you can take anything from Beatles (most any album) all the way to Metallica (1991) - Depending on your personal taste...


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POSTED BY: Tomm on Jan 21, 2009

I have been a beginner a few times due to the lack of opportunity, or equipment, or lifestyle, or vocational necessities.  Every time I would re-start my musical career it would be at a different level of ability but always at a level that I knew before hand that I could accomplish quickly, so I could move on toward my intended goals.

In the beginning, 1963, I listened to a lot of different types and syles of music.  I knew then, that to start I would have to stick to what I already understood about playing drums.  I had a very talented friend, the same age, that helped me by letting me use his kit, after I watched him and his band practice in his, very tolerant, parents' basement.

I started with three chord progression, 4/4 time tunes, over head phones.  I used these because I already knew the tunes by heart and began putting fills in where there were none in the recording.  I now refere to that as finding my personal prose.  I still do this to this day, with my, very tolerant, wife listening upstairs now, and I still get good results.  But nowadays I play with recordings of Dave Matthews, Chic Korea, Dave Weckl, Chicago, Jethro Tull, Kenny Loggins, Aquarium Rescue Unit...etc.  The results are still good, and I am still having a blast, as I now get ready to kick off another adventure

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POSTED BY: Johnathan on Jan 21, 2009



Welcome and your post was great.  The groups you mentioned are all good to play along too.  You have had an interesting journey indeed.

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