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POSTED BY: KenSanders on Dec 10, 2008
Recommended Recordings for Inspiration and Style

I'd like you guys to recommend some recordings that you feel are exeptional examples of certain styles or that your find especially inspirational.

I'll start with an old recording.....TOM CAT, by Tom Scott and the L.A. Expression.  The sound of jazz fusion before the term had been coined by anyone. 

IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: Tomm on Jan 12, 2009
recommended listening

Ken, thanks for bringing this group to my attention, and inviting me to join.  I'm sure this will be a great place to converse.

There are so many great works available to be inspired by...that is obvious.  I think one classic example that stands out for me is Clive Bunker's work on Jethro Tull's  "Thick As A Brick".  It has multiple time signatures, multiple rythum changes, and he has a built in metronome.  I'm adding this in here on Jan 24th after reading this reply...I should have pointed out that this reference is about the full length version, which was the entire L.P./CD...actually my first copy of the tune was on an eight track tape.

I am still in search of the album that first inspired me, back in 1957.  It was big band jazz, that featured a fantastic drummer and I will know when I hear it again.  The search goes on and I will pass on the discovery when it happens.

#2of 4 generations
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POSTED BY: KenSanders on May 20, 2010
Jethro Tull and Clive Bunker

I certianly agree. Even though the band was more recognized as a FM Pop band (much like Steely Dan was later), they were demonstrating their jazz influences to the hip listeners.

I still hear tunes like "Living in the Past" on the radio here in Nashville. I consider it a classic.


IBJAMN in Nashville
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POSTED BY: Ian_Borg on May 18, 2011
Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Jan 16, 1938
This is one of the most amazing, inspirational jazz recordings that I have heard; I've got to tell you guys about it - January 16, 1938 - the first ever performance of jazz at Carnegie Hall. The recording I'm specifically referring to is a restored version put out by Jasmine records in 2006. You can get a copy from Amazon.com for something like 24.00 - amazing deal.
The band (including Benny) had no idea they were being recorded that night. The guy who recorded it arranged to have the on location sound booth hooked up through the phone lines(!), and he recorded from these onto several (28) lacquer master discs (remember, 1938). The recording mics were just whatever happened to be laying around the stage, and most likely the vocal mic.The discs floated around for several years and then were released in the 50's as a two record set. Not surprisingly, the sound quality was poor.
In 2006, some Scandinavian dude was contracted to digitally restore the recordings. The sound is still not great by today's standards, but what this guy achieved is nothing short of amazing. On Sing, Sing, Sing for instance, you can turn it way up and shivers will go up & down your spine! it's hard to believe that Gene didn't break all his heads the way he whacked the crap out of them!! Calfskin, too. Unreal volume and dynamics.

Ian Borg in 5 minutes
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Aug 7, 2020

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