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sabian hh medium ride / sabian aax dry ride - Drum Solo Artist

July 29, 2021, 06:18:34 PM*
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Author Topic: sabian hh medium ride / sabian aax dry ride  (Read 8023 times)

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« on: December 30, 2009, 12:35:15 PM »

Hi peeps

I'd really appreciate your insight on this one...

I need a versatile ride... hoped to get something with a broad tonal palette across the surface, a separated bell, medium to bright tone, controlled wash undertones and sweet shimmering overtones, clearly defined stick response and possibly light crash-ability as well (if poss' ... I don't expect much do I).

Now I know that cymbals are highly subjective and its difficult to get another persons suggestions but ...

I have a Sabian HH 20" medium ride. It's lovely in smaller ensembles but the under wash is too loud and sustaining making it's less defined and not versatile enough for Funk, Rock, Pop etc.

I have been offered a swap for the lesser value AAX dry ride. Do people think I should accept? Would it suit my purposes more?

Could people describe the AAX dry? What are your experiences with it? What music genres does it suit?

AAX dry aside... can people suggest a quality ride that fits the description at the start of this post?

Thanks in advance all
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 11:57:24 PM »

Get yourself some good quality headphones.  Plug them into your computer.  Go to this website:


Listen to the sound samples and determine which model(s) create the sound(s) you are wanting.


A Sabian HH medium ride is a very fine instrument, and considered a general purpose ride by many drummers.  In my opinion, it does have a broad sound palette and sweet shimmering overtones UNLESS it is played with a larger sized stick.  Playing it with a larger stick makes it roar.

You said that you want a ride cymbal with broad tonal palette across the surface, a separated bell, medium to bright tone, controlled wash and sweet shimmering overtones suitable for "Funk, Rock, Pop, etc."  with less wash, less sustain and more clear stick definition......PLUS.....LIGHT CRASH ability.   That's a tough combination of characteristics to get out of one cymbal.  However, the Sabian 21" Raw Bell Ride is one that I'd suggest you try.

The RIDE sounds you've described that you want for Funk, Rock and Pop are more typical of a Medium-Heavy or Heavy weight cymbal.  Those models don't do LIGHT CRASHES very well.....their crashes sound like "CLANGS".

I would not trade for the AAX Dry Ride unless you play it and decide that it is EXACTLY what you qre searching for.  It doesn't seem to fit your posted description very well....at least in my opinion.


Ken Sanders
IBJAMN in Nashvile, TN
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