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September 23, 2020, 06:24:30 PM*
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Author Topic: Solaris Cymbals  (Read 5769 times)

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« on: July 24, 2009, 12:00:59 PM »

Hello my name is Leandro, I am from Buenos Aires,  Argentina, sorry for my English.

I have found in Internet a post of the cymbals ABEX, TOSCO and SOLARIS info.

Please, I need to know everything possible of my cymbals SOLARIS - They are : Ride 18" (It does not have seemed B8) and Hi Hat 14" (His color is like a B8 Alloy) , models ''BR1 '' Both.
Are they of good quality?
Can you your calculate the year of manufacture?

Thank you very much
Any information that you need to know on them ask for them me
To obtain of them an exact information
Thank you very much again!

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