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HELP! setting up my e-kit (simmons sd7k) - Drum Solo Artist

January 23, 2019, 12:16:37 AM*
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Author Topic: HELP! setting up my e-kit (simmons sd7k)  (Read 3218 times)
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« on: August 08, 2009, 10:37:16 AM »

ok, so...  i have had this for ~3-4 months now (all is going GREAT; if you ignore the fact that the brain died! - though simmons sent me a new one - VERY "stand up" company - considering i bought it used!!!)...

anyway, unlike an aucostic set (i think), you do not have as much freedom in setting the locations of tums, etc... as they are on these bars that can only go SO HIGH or SO LOW (or so close to you) once other bars are in place (tough to describe, but there are cross braces that CAN be moved, but it requires an almost FULL brake down of the kit to reposition some things)...

so....  i have been tweeking the kit here and there, always trying to fine tune to make things "better"...  but i just cannot seem to figure out the best way to have things (in terms of height, distance from me and angle)...

i know that you are supposed to start with the snare (and i have done that), but i have moved the snare so many times (see above re: tough to reposition...) that i think i have messed all the other things up (in terms of there relationship with the snare)...

if i were further along, perhaps i could post a video of me playing something with my current setup, but...  "playing" means nothing to a newbie like me....  i.e., i would be WAY tooo embarressed to suggest that what I'M DOING is "playing"...


sure, i can get out a pretty good paradiddle.... (even alternating tums and even adding in a bass pedal on the "1"), and even the intro to a Rush song (War Paint), but that is the best thing i can really do...

any general advice/thoughts on the best way to try and re-do my kit.... 

- prime
(ps: i KNOW it is tough to make suggestions about how to do this without seeing the kit itself....  i guess i really should - at the min. - post a few pics)

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