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April 16, 2021, 12:48:22 PM*
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Author Topic: Our Moderator PASHA  (Read 6593 times)
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IBJAMN in Nashville

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« on: March 31, 2008, 12:11:01 AM »

Some of you are wondering where PASHA has been.   Roll Eyes  Well, I heard from him yesterday!

Well, he had to transport the somewhat large kit used for his melodic drumming work from the New York recording studio back to his own place around the end of January.  Having only one semi-tractor trailer rig to use……and understanding the New York City traffic conditions…….it is very likely that this move will be completed in a few more weeks.   Grin However, there is more good news!

The New York City Board of Zoning Appeals has granted PASHA approval to add the following to his “kit”:

•   A set of  tympani with kettles made of micro-brewery vats
•   Three large gongs that can set off seismometer vibrations
•   A 300 lb. church bell molded from 2,687,931,894 bronze bullet casings from the streets of New York.
•   12 Assorted Japanese Taiko drums (although the mallets had to be registered as lethal weapons with the NYPD, FBI, and Interpol)
•   A new melodic instrument using tuned brake drums off of de-commissioned military tanks and armored personnel carriers played with hardened steel ball bearing tipped mallets
•   A ten piece set of North Drums (6” diameters to 20”) provided the maximum diameter of the largest drum at the open end does not exceed 36”.
•   A 28” concert bass drum with 144 strand snares on one side and fifty-six 4” copper nails embedded in the batter side bearing edge.
•   A map to find the way in and out of the kit.   Grin Cheesy Wink

The NYC BOZA did, however, turn down his request for the any more pedal operated instruments.  This apparently was because of some previous violation of a New York City Ordinance that requires a licensed engineer to certify all complex special design machinery operated within the jurisdiction of the New York City.

That was all in the spirit of good fun.    Wink  Afterall,  PASHA does have an incredible kit doesn’t he?


I know all of you join me in aknowledging appreciation for of all the unseen work that PASHA does to keep the DSA website up and running.  Unlike many drum websites that are underwritten by a drum or cymbal manufacturer, DSA is an independent website.  One of the things that helps PASHA keep things going is website traffic.  So, if you would……do check in on DSA website as often as possible. 

If you want to write more words appreciation for PASA, just add it to this thread!


Ken Sanders
IBJAMN in Nashvile, TN
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« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2008, 10:43:38 AM »


     I appreciate him and the site.

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