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April 21, 2021, 09:20:51 PM*
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Author Topic: Uploading Drum Solos  (Read 7041 times)
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« on: December 05, 2008, 12:32:58 PM »

Thank you for taking your time to read this little guide!

We at Drum Solo Artist value and really care about each and every one of your submissions, and unlike other sites (such as youtube for instance) we actually listen to what you submit!

We listen and manually approve every mp3 and video that you send us and by doing that we insure that users who will actually be checking your compositions would not have any tracks to "skip listening" to. - Every one of the tracks that we approve to our Drum Solos section is valuable and that makes the whole section unique!

I wanted to ask every user that submits tracks to Drum Solo Artist to value the time of our Moderators and Administrators and NOT to submit duplicate or "test" tracks.
Uploading the same track twice will result in your first track replaced by the newest submission.

Editing the track information
All users have the ability to edit the track info immediately after uploading the tracks to Drum Solo Artist. - To edit a track info, login to Drum Solo Artist (if you are not already logged in), than go to MY Solos section by clicking the My Solos link on the left side of the top grey bar, or visiting: http://www.drumsoloartist.com/solos/account/index.php - If you have any tracks uploaded, the link will open an interface with all of your tracks similar to the one in the pic #1 (attached below).

To edit a track simply click on the corresponding track row.

That will bring the edit screen up where you will be able to edit all the info there is about your track (similar to the pic #2 (attached below)

Once your track has been approved, you have a complete control over it, meaning you can Deactivate it - which will "hide" the track from all users except you and our Moderators. or If you will decide to completely remove it, you can also Delete it by clicking the Delete Entry button. - That will delete your track from Drum Solo Artist servers forever.

Sell This Track Option
Please DONT select this option if you are NOT REALLY serious about selling your composition!
We at Drum Solo Artist DONT make any profit from this service, - it is there ONLY for you to actually have an ability to sell your drum solos!

Please dont forget that it actually takes a human time to add your product to our Drum Store, and set all the needed options up so that your solo would actually be buyable by our members and visitors.

Please value our time the same way we value your music, and if you are NOT REALLY SERIOUS about selling your drum solo, than just skip this option.

I hope everything else is self explanatory and I will try to update this section as soon as any additional info will be required.

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