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May 16, 2021, 03:02:30 PM*
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Author Topic: New Drum Solo: The Message  (Read 5179 times)
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« on: August 04, 2016, 09:47:36 AM »

                                   Hi, This is my new solo called "The Message".

 Although this is an improvised solo, I did have some idea of the direction I wanted to go (which sometimes works out and sometimes doesn't). 

I wanted to start out doing some African (my interpretation) drumming and then after playing a while slip into 5/4 while retaining the African feel.  Then return to the straight ahead African drumming and finally jump into my Buddy Rich stuff (no smirking).

The African drumming was inspiered by Art Blakey and the 5/4 by Joe Morello and of course the Buddy Rich stuff by Buddy.

I know I don't play anthing close to those great drummers, but I try to emulate them because I love their drumming.  I love other drummers to, but this is just the stuff I felt like playing this time.

What I played is completely ad-libbed, and I could never play this solo again because when I play I never know what I'm going to play next.  I just do it.  Also, I can't remember much of what I played either. But, I could play another solo similar to it.

I was inspired to play African music ever since I heard the Album "Ritual" by Art Blakey.  As far as I know, that is the first album to introduce African music and jazz together.

Art blakey went to live in Africa in 1947.  He lived there two years in Nigerea with people called the Eja.  The drums are the most important instrument there.  Whatever happens good each day, they play about it at night.  So they speak with drums giving only good messages to the people of what happened that day.  So I called my solo "The Message".

Art Blakey produced several albums with African drumming.

1. Ritual - 1957
2. Drum Suite - 1957
3. Orgy In Rhythm Vols 1 & 2 - 1957
4. Holiday For Skins Vols 1 & 2 - 1958

He also mad many other albums that incorporated African drumming but weren't primarily African in nature.
For Example:  3 version of Night in Tunisia, Drums Around the World, etc.

I also listen to African drumming of various sorts to learn more African drum playing.

As for the 5/4, Joe Morello inspired me to want to play solos in 5/4 ever since I first heard "Far More Drums" on the "Time Further Out" album.  That one solo, as short as it is, has been an inspiration and sitll is.

And finally, Buddy.  What can I say.  No matter what I do, I'll never play like him.  There are people nowdays that can play fast, but they don't play anything.  It's just noise.  Buddy played music.

Buddy had a vocabulary and intonation that nobody can ever touch.  They can copy his licks, but they can never pley and make those drums sing like he could.

So, here is the solo, and I just hope you enjoy it.  That's why I play.  For enjoyment.  (I'm long past the days of playing for the purpose of picking up babes)

[OK!  Suddenly the Youtube videos wouldn't play anymore, so I deleted them.  This solo is in the audio drum solos if you want to listen to it.  If you want to watch it in the mean time (before I can get the Youtbue back) you go to this Youtube site and watch it directly]


I put the Youtube video here instead of putting my video in the video section for drum solos because it has too many mbs (over 500).

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