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1  Drum Forums / Drum Forum - Drummers Discussions - General / Re: Your favourite drummer on: August 18, 2006, 09:59:26 AM
I have seen many video recordings and heard many audio recordings, of "most" of what are considered the best of the best drummers of the past 100 years. ALL of the old drummers both black and white and latin and every other culture and one thing is common even amongst the different styles; all the greats have a mastery of thier particular style. Of course this is why they are known.
If you try to compare Virgil Donati or Ian Paice to say, Art Blakey, it simply isn't apple to oranges. Art was fast but he couldn't touch either of thoise guys. Now, that wasn't his style though was it. His was prowess, dynamics, syncopation, and yes speed. But the raw energy of these two guys (singled out for example only as there are quite a few others today), in my little bitty brain simply eclipses that of most of the older drummers to which many writers like to attach some sort of "mystique" because they were from the 20's, or because they were black, or because they were white.
So I think it boils down to a sort of "litmus test"; take any drummer from amy genre and time, and plug him into another genre or time, and ask yourself how he would compare. In my mind, I don't think there is, was, and maybe ever will be a drummer who could accomplish what Buddy Rich did.
Do you think if Buddy were an up-and-coming drummer today that he would not dominate in todays styles? While you may pick your fav drummer and insert him/her (didn't forget you TerriLynn) here, my humble opinion says no one, can reach his level.
Oh well, enough subjectiveness; my objective answer is that Buddy Rich is my "favorite" drummer and also because he happens to be the "best" drummer who ever lived ..... thus far.  8-)
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