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Title: Solos Ratings have been reset - Announcement.
Post by: PASHA on June 12, 2008, 01:13:25 AM
Just like the topic says, all ratings have been reset because I was asked (multiple times) to change the rating system to 5 star instead of 7 like it was before and to make this change the complete rating reset was needed.

Prior making the reset I spoke about it with a couple members and as far as I understand EVERYONE whom I spoke with approved me to make the reset, so I hope there will not be any hard feelings about it from anyone. - It was done in order to bring you and other users more convenience...

Another interesting addition is the play counter for every track is now in effect.
The counter counts every "view" of the track as a point, with the limit of 1 view per page reload.

This means that it does not matter how many times you will "open" or "close" a track to listen to it, the counter will add only 1 point to it.
After page reload, the counter will add another point if the same track has been listened again.

Also the counter will show the actual count up until the numbers will get REALLY big, like if a track will get 100.000, the counter will show 100K+ (which means more than 100.000 plays), etc...
This is done to save the page space.

PS: you may have noticed that CURRENTLY, some tracks dont play properly, or at all, like for example this one:

I am aware of the issue and it will be fixed (without an announcement) within the next 2 days.
Currently we have 20 affected tracks.

Thats it for now enjoy!