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Title: Spring cleaning for DSA
Post by: PASHA on April 02, 2008, 11:51:48 AM
Well we are approaching the "spring cleaning" time of the year, so we will have a major one for DSA this time...

Currently we are working on a big site redesign and it is going pretty well, we got a Very functional front page that will feature a better news presentation, new blogs, latest member, different content for logged-in users and visitors, etc, etc, etc. along with a completely reworked GUI across the whole site! When creating the new "theme" we tried to make it a lot better color and presentation-wise while keeping the position of the current content in tact so that our trusted members will not have to relearn "where to look for that link that was there previously"! - I think that we done a superb job in this sense!

The new theme will feature a better color mix between menus and the actual content, along with "less bright colors" that are easier on the eyes (more enjoyable for the long term) and better for overall presentation of pages.

We are still in the process of implementing a couple functions, but I expect to start updating the live site pretty soon! - I hope you all will like the new look!

PS: I have attached a little preview if you want to check it out.

Thanks again.