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Title: Auxiliary Hi-Hats....my own situation
Post by: KenSanders on January 18, 2008, 12:26:42 AM
Hey there gang!

Well, a few weeks ago, PASHA and I had some DSA Forum dialogue about using a second set of hi-hats cymbals.
Reference http://www.drumsoloartist.com/live/drumforum/index.php/topic,484.msg2765.html#msg2765

Many drummers nowadays are using a cable operated set of hats, most frequently as an “auxiliary set” mounted near their ride cymbal.  I’ve certainly noticed drummers like David Garibaldi and David Weckl who are using their secondary hats for alternative hi-hat sounds rather than for facilitating easier execution of a certain rhythm pattern.

I’ve also seem my friend, Nashville drummer Will Denton, use the remote hi-hat gear for his primary (and only) hi-hat cymbals because he has a very unique way of setting up his kit.  Look where he sets his hi-hats:  http://www.paiste.com/artists/viewendorser.php?endorserid=376&cymbalsetupid=230
One cool thing about drummers and their drum kits is that we all get to assemble the various components we like…..and that we use…..and set them up in the way that is the most comfortable to us.  One size fits all?…..never in the drumming world!  8)

Now the engineering and design of the latest remotes/cable hi-hats on the market today is really well-thought-out. I have experienced no problems with the actual performance of the gear.  To comment a bit more on that, I’ve tried using a remote hi-hat device with some 12” Mini-Hats and they do sound really cool.  However, considering the times that I REALLY have a situation where it is musically beneficial to utilize them…. versus the mandatory re-positioning of the other items that I DO constantly use……well, it’s just not something I can justify adding.  ::)

The current items on the right side of my kit are already in "just right" positions for my playing comfort and for the way the microphones have to be placed.  So the remote hi-hat gear will just stay in the closet for now.  It just isn’t a device I require for my work, but should there be a need for them at some future time, then I’ll find a way to put them up. 

As mentioned in the other post, http://www.drumsoloartist.com/live/drumforum/index.php/topic,484.0.html 
I’m right handed but I switch to my using my left hand for playing the hi-hat patterns on certain tunes.  I do that when I need to do play other patterns with my right hand on things located either center or right on my kit.  I realize that I’m an “old dog” in this regard.  I simply learned to do it that way a long time ago and it was before the remotes were invented.   ;D

For all of you using a second set of hi-hats (or in PASHA's set-up...3 sets) I am sure you are enjoying them.  So rock on.  Be creative, and pursue the things that inspire you to play your best.

If you are reading this and  have some ideas or comments about utilizing your second set of hi-hats, please share that with everyone.   ;)