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Title: Forum Avatars!
Post by: PASHA on June 08, 2007, 10:17:26 AM
The long awaited feature is here:

Forum Avatars are now correspond to user pics on user profile pages:
Your personal pic on your profile page is the one used as your forums avatar, from now on.

PS: since some members had 2 different avatars (1 as the main profile pic and another as their forums avatar), those members will see changes on their forums posts (new avatar will be shown) - If you are one of the members and want your old forums avatar back, PM me and I will send you your old avatar, so you will be able to upload it as your personal pic.

PPS: Also from now on, clicking on the forums avatar will take you directly to the members profile page (only works if one has uploaded a personal pic, otherwise no avatar will be shown on the forums posts).

Thats it for now, Thanks.