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Title: Do you have 10 cds you like and would like to share?
Post by: Carthage on April 05, 2018, 02:35:24 AM
Hi, I was sitting around listening to some music with my family and wondering if how many people have heard the cd I was listening to.  It would be nice (in my opinion) to share the cd with other people. 

Since I can't actually do that I decided to at least pass along the cd title and maybe if anyone was interested they could check it out. 

Then I though maybe I could list more than one cd that I like listening to and share them too, so I'm listing 10 cds that I like that you might like.

If you have 10 cds or more or less that you think other people might like, then please list them.

  1. Free At Last - Billy Price
  2. Buddy and Soul - Buddy Rich
  3. West Side Story -The Oscar Peterson Trio
  4. Abraxas Pool - Abraxas Pool
  5. Wheels of Fire - CD 2 - Cream
  6. Powerslave - Iron Maiden
  7. Art Blakey et les Jazz-Messengers au club St. Germain Vol. 2 - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  8. The Drum Battle - Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa
  9. James Brown Live at the Apollo, 1962 - James Brown
10. Eli and the Thirteenth Confession - Laura Nyro

There are many more I like, but these are some that come to mind as I sit here writing this.  The cd that started all this is "Free at Last"