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Title: Endorsers changing ships.
Post by: KenSanders on April 15, 2012, 01:14:57 PM
There has been lots of drum/cymbal artist endorsement changes in recent months, especially by some very notable artists who have had longstanding relationships with other companies.  I realize that it is not always about the quality of the instruments.

In talking with some of the Nashville artists, I have found that it is often about the support they get on tour, especially outside the USA. It is very expensive to fly heavy equipment like drums, so it is a huge bonus when drum/cymbal endorsers get gear supplied by the respective companies when they tour.  I am sure the companies have to evaluate the benefit to sales for such support and may have stopped supporting some artists that they feel have only marginal value to their actual sales.

Another interesting change was made by Yamaha in deciding to stop production of so many signature products, especially snare drums.  I am not sure what that is all about, maybe some of the other DSA Forum participants can comment on this decision.

I don't believe that what other players are using has much impact on seasoned professionals, but it may still have demonstated impact on new drummers.

Over the years I have played just about every mainstream brand of drums out there.  Given a quality drum set with quality heads, I have always been able to get quite acceptable results for shows that I do.  I do always carry my own bass drum pedals and cymbals when I travel. 

I realize that the very top endorsers often get some money upfront as well as equipment.  However, I know that many other endorers simply get the products at a much lower cost and the condition of using them exclusively. 

I recommend that everyone use the gear that inspires them to perform at their best......instead of duplicating the gear their favorite drummers use.  If it happens to be the same, then that's cool but the important aspect is to select what absolutely rocks your world.

Comments?  I hope so.  We need to hear from some of you who haven't commented in a while.

Title: Re: Endorsers changing ships.
Post by: Carthage on April 17, 2012, 11:07:26 PM

       I agree.  Although that part about new drummers being influenced by famous drummers applies to me.  When I started out, the drummers I listened to mostly were Art Blakey, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones. Elvin Jones, Art Taylor and Shelly Manne.  Mostly because they were on almost all the jazz albums.

      When I listened to the albums, I couldn't actually tell what brand they were using, but they all had the best sounding drums of any drummers as a general rule.  All you have to do is listen to them and you can hear it.

      What brought my attention to the brand they were using was Down Beat magazine.  I subscribed to it way back then, and in it they always had ads with those drummers with their Gretsch drums.  The caption always said something like "That Great Gretsch Sound".

      Well, that was enough for me.  I wanted to sound like them, so when I got my first set of drums, it was Gretsch.  And they did sound great!

      That was a long time ago, and you'd have to take the "Way-Back-Machine" to get drums that have the sound and the quality of those drums (my opinion).  Now Gretsch has their drums made mostly in China although they still make one model in America.

      I have used a lot of different kinds of drums, and I still prefer that "Great Gretsch Sound".   

      As far as endorsement goes, if I were famous and some company wanted to give me an endorsement, I would do what I wanted to do.  If I played a certain brand because  I liked it, then I would stay with that brand.  I'm old enough and had enough experience so that I don't care about brand endorsements or their money. 

      Also, I make my sets up from what I consider the best from different sets.  So, if some company wanted to endorse me for some crazy reason, it would have to be on my terms.

Title: Re: Endorsers changing ships.
Post by: oneolddrummer on September 03, 2012, 01:22:55 PM
I really like what you say.  When I was young, my influence was JC Heard.  He was a close friend of mine, and I watched him play a thousand times.  He would put on private shows for me.  I would go see him play, and when he saw me looking he would do all sorts of little tricks with his left hand, or what ever, just little special extras for my benefit!  The one regret I have is I never had him autograph anything.  Why?  If I wanted to see him I called him at home or drop by and see him.  He asked me once if I wanted to go to Bakers with him to see a friend of his playing there.  I was 19, do I want to go to the Jazz Meca with a Jazz legend, humm.... OH YEAH! 
So we went.  There was a line around the block to get in.  We were let right in, no wait, and got a seat right by the stage.  His friend saw him and at the break came and sat with us.  Oh, that"friend's" name, yeah that was Art Blakey!  Yeah, if only I knew then what I know now, the questions I could have asked!  All that talent and history sitting right there with me!  WOW! 
On the subject of drum kits, mine I got from my Dad.  He bought the bass, snare, and amounted tom as a set used in 1963.  they are Grestch round badge.  (Yep, way back machine in overtime!).  They had calf skin heads!  So they had to be early 50's or older. 5.5x14 snare, 9x13 tom and 14x22 bass.  He then added a 16x16 floor tom later in the 60's.  I added a second 9x13 mounted tom (which is now being replaced by a 8x12 tom, round badge of course),  I also added a second floor tom.  I wanted a 20x18 round badge, but was unable to find one that cost less than my house.  So I found a 20x20 slingerland shell.  It was on ebay, and the seller said "Who ever wins the auction, I have an interesting story about the drum"  I won and asked what the story was.  He explained that in 1964 he was a kid just taking up the drums.  His dad tended Bar in Chicago.  His dad did a lot of parties for a jazz drummer.  Dad tells Jazz drummer that his son is taking up the drums.  Jazz drummer says "I will come by and give him a lesson, and I have something for him"  Jazz drummer came by and gave the kid a 1 hour lesson, and gave him this slingerland 20x20 floor tom.  The tom was made in 1958.  that jazz drummer's name???  Gene Krupa!  does not add any value to the drum, and I have no way to prove the story but think it is pretty cool, and no reason to doubt the story.
Well, I am getting ready to go play my drums some, so I am done here!
God Bless

Title: Re: Endorsers changing ships.
Post by: KenSanders on September 18, 2012, 07:37:29 PM
Wow Tom......what great stories.  Gives me goosebumps just thinking about those guys and the gear you have.  Man, thanks for sharing that with us.

Makes me thirsty for more stories from you.

Please share them when you have time.