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Title: Tainted Love
Post by: worriedwizard on April 11, 2006, 03:28:03 AM
 ;D Hi, new to the site & to drumming, i started drumming around three weeks ago after the band my friend plays in lost there drummer to someone else, love the drums only wished i had started playing alot earlier, anyway i was at the bands pracise last night & they asked if i could do the beat to tainted love by soft cell, i sort of got the general beat but i have no idea on how to do the fills etc. can anyone help with notation for the song or point me in the right direction as i really want to do the song just to prove to myself & them that i can do it. many tanks. gaz ;)

Title: Re: Tainted Love
Post by: Smelly_granny on April 11, 2006, 06:38:38 AM
cor, i havnt heard that song in a while!...and its the first time ive lisened to it for the drum beat.

Now, because you've only been playing for a little while, i dont know how much you know. I'll explain everything how i would understand it, but if you dont understand bits of it, just post back saying what you dont understand and ill walk you through that too.

For a start, my guess is that it was played on an electric kit. That makes it more interesting and fun if your playing it on an acoustic because you can play around to get sorta the same sound. I would suggest a cross stick on the snare, and hitting a very tight hihat with the tip of the stick. Then a light bass hit with a felt beater.

The basic beat is quite simple. It's in 4/4 and it goes like so:

Beat 1+3: Bass/kick drum
Beat 2+4: Snare and hihat

On occation (you'll have to remember yourself when it happends in the song), the stick on the snare is picked up, and hit normally on the snare on beats 1+2.

Then on other occations (more often) the cross stick on the snare is tapped almost like "bab-ba ba" starting on beat 4, and ending on beat 2 of the next bar. You will probably find this hard to do at first because you still need to hit the hihat on beat 2 and 4 while doing this, but keep trying and you'll get it.

Again, please feel free to ask more if you dont understand that. Thier was no point me writing all that out if you dont learn from it in the end!

Good Luck :)

Title: Re: Tainted Love
Post by: worriedwizard on April 11, 2006, 11:06:01 AM
 ;DThank you very much for that,i sort of know what you are saying so i'll give it a try. thanks again