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Title: Strange places to play drums!
Post by: DrumCoverBrasil on October 01, 2011, 11:35:43 AM
Guys, Id like to know in what different place have you played. Everyone have a story to tell. I remember that I played in farms, in stages almost falling, in church garage, etc.

Id like to share with you a video where a drummer is playing on the top of snow mountain (wearing a sleeveless T-shirt). I guess it was so cold. Other cool stuff is the drumstick effects. They seem a little weak.

This video link is http://drumcoverbrasil.blogspot.com/2011/10/vincent-girault-time-dirty-bit-black.html (http://drumcoverbrasil.blogspot.com/2011/10/vincent-girault-time-dirty-bit-black.html)

Tell us where youve played. javascript:void(0);

Title: Re: Strange places to play drums!
Post by: KenSanders on October 02, 2011, 02:47:44 PM
That is an intersting clip.  I think the strangest venues (actually performing not videos) for me are always places that shouldn't really be a music venue in the first palce.  Certainly, playing on floats in a parade is very weird and I've played on a stage that's actually a large refurbished barge (that moves with the waves) at Riverfront park in Nashville.  And even at some outdoor festivals where the wind velocity blew cymbals around like a sail.  But the absolute craziest for me was performing at the circus at the arena where the band was placed between the lions (caged, of course) and the elephants.  I vowed NEVER to perform at the circus in that stage location again.  It was one of the worst situations I have ever dealt with.  Roaring generally pissed off lions that hated the vibrations of the band's music and huge smelly elephants doing their best to poop out stinky loads and make the air even more foul in their general proximity. 

Title: Re: Strange places to play drums!
Post by: Carthage on October 04, 2011, 11:40:39 AM
      For us, it was the strange.  The band was "The Third World Raspberry".  There were four of us.  Two guitars, bass, and drums.  We played pyschedelic-rock-blues like Hendrix and Cream and so on.

      What made it strange was that we were performing for drug rehabilitaion patients in the Old North Church in Boston.  It's also known as Christ Church.  It's a very old famous church.  We were completely stoned.

      It's hard to imagine four stoned pyschedelic musicians playing in one of the most revered places in history (right up on the altar) to a bunch of dudes who were trying to quite.  Is that irony or what.

      The priests weren't really happy about us since we were laughing and carrying on while dressed in our pyschedelic clothes, long hair, and devil-may-care attitudes.   It was weird, but we had a good time and so did the audience.

   That band almost made it.  We recorded in Colombia studios in NYC, but before we finished, we broke up.  So, I'm not famous and neither is the band.

      If anyone is interested in knowing more about the band and the times, you can go to this site:  http://www.punkblowfish.com/ThirdWorldRaspberry.html



Title: Re: Strange places to play drums!
Post by: KenSanders on March 28, 2013, 02:33:00 AM
I played in a private club located 33 stories up (top).  The stage was a triangle in a corner and I set up in the back corner with clear glass from the stage floor to ceiling.  With drums and cymbals blocking my veiw of the stagefloor..... the view that I had to either left or right was an uncomfortable 33 stories down to the sidewalk.  It took me several minutes to get used with that.