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Title: The Wowie Zowie Super Set Run About
Post by: Carthage on November 18, 2010, 09:58:25 AM
The Wowie Zowie Super Set Run About

This new innovation for the BIG SET is just the thing for the drummer who has everything.  It looks like a little baby scooter.   With this baby you can scoot around the set quicker.  This enables the slower drummers to get from one end of the set to the other without missing a beat.   

You fast drummers, who occasionally enter speedy drum contests to show how fast you are, will really appreciate the XL model with the dual carbs and overhead cam.  You can actually get to one side of the set to the other before you even start.  I'm mean, like, WOW!  Just think of how many 10 year old girls you can impress.

Along with the WZSSRA,  you get the extended delux Wowie Zowie sticks.  They are extended out two feet just in case you acutally ever try to play some of the hundreds of cymbals and drums attached to and surrounding the basic 80 piece WZSS drum set.

They come in 4 colors:  Black, for you heavy metal dudes;   Pink, for the girls;  Blue, for you pop drummers;  and Green for the rest of you.

Just picture this scenario.  You're down at let's say the left side of the WZSS trying to play snare drum no. 8.  Suddenly you think you'd like to play floor tom no.22.  But, you can't remember which one it is since you only played it the day you bought it just to test it out to see what it sounded like.  With the WZSSRA you can scoot over to the other side of the set, check out the drums like a lightning bolt. (Hey, that might be a good name for the upgrade model - The Lightning Bolt - in 4 colors). OK, you got over to the other side of the set.  Now, you just check out the toms with the most dust on them, the ones you never play, and hit one and hope that's it.  If it isn't drum no. 22, don't worry all the teenagers won't know the difference and still think you are "THE MAN".

There are some pitfalls with the WZSSRA and the XL.  You have to be careful not to run into bass drum pedals.  That could cause a nasty accident.  So, we also supply a drum pedal road map free of charge.  That way you can navigate through the countless bass drum pedals and also to zip aroung the not to be forgotten assorted hi-hat pedals that may be spread out aroung the set.

The XL also comes with the special "Kick Stand Swivel Turn Around".  This allows you to quickly spin around a hit gongs, bells, chimes, and other assorted percussion doodads if you can remember where they are.

If you order today, you get the WZSSRA Silver Saddlebags.  These are really great for storing beer, so you can have a cool one while you're spinning aroung the set.

So, send your check for 23,999Q (Quatloos) to WZSSRA at WZSSRA, New Jersey.  There is no number.  Drummers don't need numbers.


Title: Re: The Wowie Zowie Super Set Run About
Post by: KenSanders on November 18, 2010, 11:29:44 AM
I can easily understand the overwhelming  benefits to musical artistry made possible by this Wowie Zowie Set, but I am concerned about possible modifications by evil doers to create a weapon of mass destruction.

I think I saw the original prototype for this set set at the NAMM show last year. They had to get a special zoning permit to even bring it in.  Some of the technicians that went into the center of this monster to adjust some of the pedals, have never been heard from again.  Their bodies may be found by February 2011.  That is the approximate timeframe when the disasembly is supposed to be finished.
 ;D ;D

Title: Re: The Wowie Zowie Super Set Run About
Post by: PASHA on November 20, 2010, 12:38:20 AM
 ;D - really funny...

PS: sorry for the ignorance, but does anyone have a link to some pics? - very curious to see that monster!  ;D

maybe I will even consider it as a second set for myself? - who knows...  ::)

Title: Re: The Wowie Zowie Super Set Run About
Post by: KenSanders on November 22, 2010, 11:28:26 AM
I have been advised that this set-up requires more floor space than what is currently available at most large concert arenas, medium-sized airports and several small countries. There is a "club version" but it requires so many batteries that there is a radiation concern still being worked out.

It is just hard to play in a full radiation suit with lead-lined gloves and boots.  Then there are health risks for the audience as well.

Title: Re: The Wowie Zowie Super Set Run About
Post by: Johnathan on December 24, 2010, 07:53:12 PM
LoL  it's not real or is it?