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Site Update - We are back!!
Posted On 12/22/2007 12:56:46 by PASHA
As many (or all) of you have noticed, we were performing a big site update and most of the sections of Drum Solo artist went down, I am happy to announce that We Are Back!

All should function as expected with the exception of some cosmetic issues if you are using a custom (not Drum Live/default) template, and I will fix those very shortly, and the Drum Forum, which is still in the maintenance mode, as I am waiting for a solution from an external development team. (The Drum Forum should become live shortly, and I will not make another announcement when it will happen, you can be sure that the Drum Forum is up as soon as the red bar at the top of the forum pages disappears.)

Thank you all, Enjoy the new and improved functionalities, the improved speed, play drums and be cool!!

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