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Seriously, Where Be The Drummers?
Posted On 12/11/2007 15:04:23 by VinceAdame
Another Sunday night blues jam and not a single drummer came to sit-in. We had wonderful guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, vocalists, saxaphonists, and me. I was the host drummer and only drummer of the night. If you were there, I didn't know. Everybody was so much fun to play with, but I barely had time to get a drink, much less order my comped dinner. No wonder I'm losing weight.

Don't you drummers, out there in the Portland, Oregon City, Lake Oswego areas, burn inside to play? Don't you yearn to be seen and heard? Now I reserve a little sympathy for my fellow working drummers, but on the other hand, I do get out to your jams now and then. You know, to visit with you, to give you a break. Man, a break would be nice.

Is it that, being drummers, you couldn't borrow your girlfriend's car to come to the jam? Maybe you couldn't work the pedals, or show up on the correct day. Maybe your drumsticks were out looking for a gig. Maybe it was your night to deliver the pizzas. Maybe it's because Sunday is a day of rest. No, if you're a musician, Sunday is a day of rest for the rest, for you it is a work night or a play night, or an excuse to get out of whatever you're doing, or not doing, to go have some fun.

There is no better way, no CD, no instructional DVD or tape, to improve your drumming than by playing with other musicians. And some of you really could gain alot from that. I did. Still do. Always will. To jam with others is to nurture confidence in yourself, while at the same time developing humility, grace, and patience. I would guess that any of us could stand a little more of at least one of these characteristics. Maybe right now I could stand to withhold my tongue? But I feel I owe you this.

Perhaps this is what it takes for you to realize that while you are at home watching TV, or playing your drums, with your headphones on, listening to The Grateful Dead or some other guilty pleasure, you could be improving your listening skills, your musicality, your dynamics, and your chops. Or you could stay where you are literally and figuratively, which I am sad to contemplate, and know that I am out there representing a dying breed.

Won't you come out and play?



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