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What A Great Night
Posted On 12/11/2007 15:03:08 by VinceAdame
The Blue Vein Miners, a new band I co-lead with Lynn Axtell on guitar and Greg Earl on bass, was invited to create and host a First Tuesday Blues Jam at Kelly's Olympian in downtown SW Portland, an area that Blues has yet to establish itself. Well, the three of us already host a blues jam led by Ward Stroud at Trail's End Saloon on Sunday evenings, so we took every available chance to hand out personal invitations to this new jam at Kelly's. I also did the same at Duff's Wednesday night blues jam and Rae Gordon's new jam at Kelly's on Mondays. Lynn got us listed in the Cascade Blues Association's Blues Notes calendar and his girlfriend posted fliers at Apple Music and a lot of other places. Suffice it to say we worked the p.r. machine pretty hard.

And what a crowd we had! We had a full house before we struck the first chord, thanks to all our friends and players. We are blessed to have a town full of great players-some weekend warriors, some purely jammers, and lots of pros. I'm happy to say we had a nice mix of all three, and everyone was having a great time. There was such a cool vibe in the room, like it was something novel. It might be because it's brand new and there were no attitudes, pecking orders or purists. All of these afflictions can dampen a jam beyond repair. But it's my belief that we will continue to host nights of spirited play on level ground. Of course, at this moment, all of this is contingent on turn out and Kelly's Olympian.

Thanks to our participating musicians and attendees: Thomas, James, Russ, Vernon, Scot, John, Larry, Stan, Pat, Robert, David, Prudence, Linda, Harvey and everyone else that came out. We're off to a great start!



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