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What tom heads to use?
Posted On 01/07/2012 18:54:25 by joseph123
Hi, I currently own a Pearl Export Kit and I am wanting to replace my tom heads. I wanted so ideas on what I should get, I play Indie/Rock music and I'm also in a band of that genre. I was thinking of getting the Evans G2 clear for the batter but I'm not entirely sure. I'm not wanting to pay a fortune either. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to pay a fortune either. Thanks

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From: KenSanders
01/10/2012 14:46:53
You might want to post this on the DSA Forum insteAD of as a DSA Blog. I say that because I think you'll get a lot more responses from the drummers who are constantly checking the Forum for topics....but don't checks the blogs as often.

The drum head compnaies have sound samples on their websites that might help give you an idea of the different tone qualities of certain drum head series. Here is a link to one comapny's genre and brand comparison chart.


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