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Tama or Mapex?
Posted On 08/09/2007 20:28:26 by kamakazee
i having abit of trouble deciding what to go for a Tama or Mapex...i was thinking of a Tama Imperialstar. but then again i've herd that mapex were good.. so i don't know!! lol


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From: KenSanders
11/22/2007 17:45:11
What did you end up purchasing?

I hope your knee injury has healed and you are back at your kit!

From: KenSanders
10/11/2007 19:08:44
Mapex? Tama? Yamaha? DW? Pearl? Sonor? etc.

People can tell you what THEY like, but no one can tell you what you like. That's because only YOU know what flat ass rocks your world.

Play whatever inspires you to perform your best.

From: Jon_The_Drummer
09/14/2007 15:38:32
I have A TAMA Imperialstar and it sounds great!!! And all of Tama kit sound great!!! Mapex are good to.

08/14/2007 20:39:17
In my opinion, you shouldn't get to concerned with the "brand name"...

Both companies have great selections of the drum kits, hardware and parts, and if you are NOT looking for something particular (like custom tom sizes or a special color/finish), you will not make a mistake getting either one of them...

My best advise is to figure out the set configuration you want. - How many toms do you want, what kind of snare do you want, kicks, hardware, etc... - Than when you know exactly what do you want, get to your local drum store and look around for the best deal you can get! And assuming you are purchasing a kit from 1 of the top 5 manufacturers in the world (like tama or mapex) you will get a great kit no matter which company you will finally end up with.

Hope that helps.

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