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double bass techniques
Posted On 11/08/2010 04:18:21 by psychotic
1. If you want to play double bass drums... ALWAYS play heel up it will save you so much aggravation. Heel down is much harder to co-ordinate and gain speed with - Scott 2. THE SWEET SPOT! For all you metal heads out there who play double bass, the sweet spot is the key to finding your maximum speed. Find the center of your pedal and place the groove between your toes and your foot. You're on your way! - Daniel Mifsud - drummer of Argento 3. Explore different muscle group combinations when playing usual double bass licks. You'll find that you can pull out the same patterns for longer with less fatigue and/or cramping. - Jim ".50 Cal" Deabenderfer 4. Double Bass Technique: It's important to sit up straight when you play double kick. Then lean into the drums slightly when playing your exercises. This will help you keep your balance. - Mike S.


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