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Posted On 08/03/2010 14:33:05 by KenSanders

Had a great time yesterday meeting DW's Vice President, the renowned John Good.  I learned quite a bit about what John calls woodology from  him.  John Good lives and breathes the art of drum making and seeking ways to enhance the tone and tuning ease of his products. He thoroughly explained....and demostrated...... the way a drum tone is affected by the type of wood used; the direction and construction of the inner plies that form a drum shell; and the ways to customize a drum set’s tonal capabilities by carefully selecting the various drum for their voices in the set.  I was shown all of the various shells and techniques currently used at Drum workshop, as well as, some future products that will go on the market soon.  We also discussed what kit he could build for me as my ulimate drum kit....custom designed for my playing style and tone characteristics.  What a totally cool guy with a seriously cool line of products.


Hanging out with JR Robinson, Billy Ward, Billy West and Gary Forkum over at S.I.R. was pretty cool too. 



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