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Band of Trouble
Posted On 06/18/2010 11:18:33 by patrick10354

Dragging my kits from Santa Barbara Ca. I started fresh in Houston Texas. Not knowing what to expect from a huge texas city, I soon found my style and chops widely accepted. I quickly joind a band to get out there and feed on the houston scene.

The amount of cover bands verus origional is 50/50 and the tide pool of which is better seems the same as LA. I personally feel if your band works hard at which ever and you perform at a high level with a great show.. That is the artist, if you suck you suck that is the bottom line.

I sifted through three bands before landing the right mix, and what I felt was the right players for my style.. we are a great mix of collective soul meets chillie peppers. when you hit the right mix of musicians everything clicks and you are off to the races. The new band has already gigged 3 shows and we have kicked butt. I play with intense emotion, our bassist and I have been playing together for a year, our two guitarist both have known each other for years they have wide range of talent from jazz to rock so the fills are pretty, yet electric..or pound the hell out of yea

The name is Band of Trouble, full of 40-50 year players who have average experience of 20 plus years..

Check us out next time your in town


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