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New Kit
Posted On 01/24/2010 09:40:36 by BareFootBob

    OK, for the past 6 years, I have been playing a PDP Maple CX drum kit, and have really lovd it, Have had a LOT of great responce about it's sound, and sound techs LOVE miking it. But when PDP came out with their Platinum Series kit... just wanted to check 'em out. I was curios to see how the shells would soung going from 6 ply to 8 ply, and the manner in which they were made, hardware, etc....

    Finally had the time to really investigate them... and absolutely fell in love with a kit. It would be like comparing a '66 Mustang 289 with a new Ford GT ! Same roots, but highly improved in all aspects. The 8 ply Curly Maple shells give a rich full tone, yet do retain the lively action and feel that the 6 ply maple had. The manufactoring is highly improved, and the hardware is still high quality, it is nice to have the increased number of lugs per drum. The Black Mirra finish is exceptional, vastly better than the Wrapped finish of my other set.

    One thing that I wasnt used to, and allmost didnt get the set over, was the fact that it was a virgin Bass, with hanging floor toms. But that situation was well resolved with the purchase of a full Gibraltar Rack system. Limited Edition with Chrome clamps and hardware. And a DW Double Tom Stand with Cymbal arm. Finally made the upgrade to an Iron Cobra double pedal.

    Keeping my same cymbal set-up.... dont change sumpin if'n it aint broke!!....Zildjian  Mastersound 14" Hats, 18" Med Crash, 18" Med-thin crash, 22" Heavy ride(all A series), and my 20" Paiste Signature Paint ride.

    Allthough I have had several people wanting to buy my old set... think I'll keep it. Really like it, and now I have a Show set and a Practice set, with both set-ups basically the same. Guess I'll post some pics of the new set soon, 1st gig with it will be next Sat.... Cant wait!!


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From: KenSanders
01/25/2010 15:02:39

Congrats.  One of the basic elements of drumming with confidence is playing a kit that you really like.  Enjoy!

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