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Drum case dilemma
Posted On 12/07/2009 02:56:21 by RockCanada

I have a hard case shell for my bass drum - I recently broke the plastic fastener that interlocks with a male/female type buckle that holds the strap firmly around the case for transport.

I have tried to get a replacement buckle/fastener to adhere the existing case strap around the bass drum case. Not so easy!

Went to my local repair guy - he had a replacement buckle but it was too big for the strap - I called my music store - they say they can get a replacement buckle for $40 but it wont be available for two months - too expensive and too far away...

Went to my local travel bag store - they had a similar strap with a similar buckle but the strap was too wide - however as I write this I realize I could simply buy the strap for the buckle portion assuming it can be applied to my strap!

How ironic I think I've got my answer by writing this blog! Has anyone ever had this dilemma? If so how did u solve it?


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From: KenSanders
12/08/2009 10:55:55

This happens more often that you would think.  I believe the easiest solution is to use the services of a shoe/luggage repair shop.

They can use the existing web straps and sew on a new fastener(s).  I know that I have several of the snaps at home and would be glad to send you one.

Then all that would need to be done is to trim them down to the correct length to sew onto the existing web straps.

I've done this before and it is an easy fix.


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