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Wishing for a better year in 2010
Posted On 11/30/2009 02:04:08 by KenSanders

Well, I’ve spent most of my Sunday afternoon and evening watching football and changing (and tuning) heads on three drum kits in preparation for the holiday season engagements that start this week and will take me through December 31st.   


Although my work is down this season from what it was during better economic times, I am fortunate to be do be playing music and performing it with interesting and talented players.


2009 has indeed, been a year of change in the United States. Politically. I am disappointed with our long standing leaders in Washington….afterall, they permitted much of this happen.  Economically, I, as well as, my family and friends are feeling the results of bad decisions in Washington and the ripple impact it has on the finances of the average citizen.  And the various wars……well, the only people who truly benefit from war are those who sell goods and services to the military entities involved.


So I believe there is much to improve if 2010 is going to be a better year.  


However, I am thankful for my family, my friends, my health and the ability to still work and earn a living.


I am also thankful to be able to have open dialog with the readers of the DSA website and to hear the thoughts of others on topics that we find mutually interesting.


As we enter the traditional holiday season, I send you all my warmest wishes for happiness, peace, and prosperity in 2010.







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