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Double Bass (Yes) or (No)
Posted On 11/26/2009 03:30:48 by MapexMan

So I wanted to know if you guys liked double BASS, or double PEDAL.  I prefer double bass because when I play double pedal my slave pedal is slower, but with double BASS, I get a direst, even respone everytime.  Leave your thoughts on my page :) Thanks guys!

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From: KenSanders
11/29/2009 21:45:37

I used double drums for a very long time.  However, the double beater pedals available today provide me excellent action and uniform feel.  Using one bass drum along with a quality double beater pedal, permits me an easier set-up; easier mic'ing solutions; and an easier way to get the same tone from both beaters.

If you want differnent tones from each pedal beater or desire using two different sized bass drums (ala Dave Weckl) then a double beater pedal won't facilitate that.

But for my work, I don't need that and the double beater pedal on one bass drum is my preferred alternative to the question you have posed.



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