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Learning the hard way
Posted On 10/26/2009 15:59:36 by KenSanders

Over this past Labor Day week-end, my wife wanted us to shampoo our bedroom carpet.  That meant moving out all of the furniture from the bedroom.   It was the Sunday before Labor Day and there were no friends or neighbors around to help. 


So the lifting and moving was a one-man chore.  The next morning (Labor Day) I felt substantial aches and pains, especially in my right shoulder.  I thought that it was either sore or strained muscles.


However, when I didn’t get over it in a reasonable amount of time I went to the doctor for an examination.  An MRI revealed that I had torn three or the four tendons that connected to my right rotator cuff…..and  …only surgery could repair the damage.


I had the surgery on Thursday, October 8th.  Upon release from the hospital, I was placed in a sling/wedge device to immobilize my right arm and shoulder movement.  I was also scheduled for physical therapy to make sure my recovery was controlled, but successful. 


I let the physical therapist know that I was a drummer and that both my reach and a full range of motion was essential for that.  From the very start I have been playing with sticks on a practice pad, as well as, using the sticks for wrist and arm exercises.  I progressed quickly to snare drum, bass drum and hi hats playing…. constantly pushing my limits within the realm of progress without re-injury. 


It’s going to be several more weeks before I’ll be able to report on the final outcome of the surgery and the physical therapy.  However, I will share something I’ve learned.


If you want a professional drummer….hire me.

If you want a professional mover…..hire someone else.


I figure this clean carpet has cost me about $40,000 so far. 


Learn from my mistake!  Be careful with your arms, legs, back, and feet.  You need them to work as well as your drums and equipment!
















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From: KenSanders
11/30/2009 01:15:52

Well, tomorrow (November 30, 2009) will be my first performance (since my surgery on October 6, 2009) using my REGULAR set-up.  For the past seven weeks, I've used really odd set-ups that would accomodate my right arm's limited range of motion.

Tomorrow night is a big band performance and I'll finally use the 6 drum/5 cymbal confirguration that I've normally used for that genre.  I'm really looking forward to getting back behind the set that feels like "home" to me.


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