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Want to be a professional drummer?
Posted On 06/30/2009 15:57:56 by KenSanders


A young and aspiring drummer recently told me that he was going to be a professional Death Metal drummer.


I told him that was a fine goal, but I would not limit myself to ONE genre that could change or even decline in popularity, and thus....also decline in work opportunities.


Why not be a well-versed professional drummer who could always find work and a good paycheck for his skills.


For example:  Look at just a hand full of the opportunities in the drumming world.


Live performance drummer…..rock, alternative, pop, country, jazz, big band, R&B, reggae, Latin, Afro-Cuban?  Session drummer?


If you are serious about being a professional drummer, then why place any limits on your drumming capabilities?  That would be like a house painter saying, "Yes I am a great house painter, BUT I will only paint houses BLUE because that’s my favorite color.


Learn as many styles as you can.  Learn to read.  Practice regularly with a metronome and master the ability to play solid at various tempos. If you want to be a competitive professional in a world with ever changing demands, then expand your abilities as far as you possibly can.


Styles?  Be willing to play less, or to play more…..or whatever the engagement leader wants.  Steve Gadd may be the best role model for this professional philosophy.  Basically, he can play anything but he will always respond to the expectations of the people who hire him.


Changes are always happening in the music world.  Be prepared to be ahead of the trends.


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