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Evans Onyx Heads
Posted On 03/30/2009 11:20:36 by JRT1

Greeting all,

Josh Touchton from Evans here.  I need some feedback.  We have seen a tremendous movement in the new Onyx heads in the last two month and I think that that is in your eagerness to try out something new.  The response from dealers has been very positive and we have been told that it is the most successful tom heads launch that Evans have ever had.  What I need is your response.  Have you tried the Onyx?  Is it as successful for you as a player.  For those of you that haven't heard or seen the head, ask for it in you local drum shop or drum department or check them out online at http://store.daddario.com/category/152206/Onyx_2-ply



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From: 2Stixx
04/21/2009 16:48:12

Sound is great but.... The Black from the head is a pain. The snare head get black thick film on it abd messes the sound ( I think) stick tipps get black the cymbals. And yes I used onyx heads for a very long time so I could judge. Like I said the sound is awesome.

From: KenSanders
03/30/2009 16:51:04

If you want to get feedback and generate more interest in your new product line you should consider providing drum shop dealers heads to mount up on a "test these" tom.  Players could then play the heads and try alternate tensions/tunings.  Experimenting with new types of drum heads by purchasing a set is certainly an expensive endeavor.

Besides, you test drive cars.  You test out guitars and keyboards.  You test microphones and PA systems.  Why not have a drum head on a drum that that you can test out?

Honestly, I am very satisfied with the heads that I use, although I would switch to something that produced a better sound.  However, I have a lot of drum heads in the closet that didn't perform like I wanted to to.  I quit buying them to try them.  I have remained loyal to the drum head combinations that have proven that they do produce the sound I want.

If I can't test out a new product, then I'm staying with my old reliables.

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