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Posted On 01/23/2007 19:01:08 by kamakazee
i need help! i'm trying to find out about drum triggers. but i not sure how they work on an acoustic drums..and what equipment i need for them to work! i found some ddrum triggers on the net but no details to wot they need to be connected to or how they work! can any one help??


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From: Little-Drummer-Boy
03/05/2007 22:17:53

just a tip. post questions on the forum. Also. Why would you want to put triggers on acoustic drums. They already make noise. Triggers are things you put on electric drums that pick up bvibrations that plug into a processor which plugs into the amp... If you have acoustic drums. Play them. Dont make them electric... Thats just madness.

01/25/2007 01:49:33
Ok let me TRY to post my reply again!!!

Basically drum triggers are a devices that connects to the drum/head and pick up the quality of the vibration of the drum/skin, than via cables connected to the triggers the signal travels to an external device like Sampler in which the actual sound is applied to the "vibration" and because there is no actual Audio sound involved in the signal coming from triggers to the sampler the player has an absolute control over the sound coming from the sampler (obviously)...

Drum Triggers mostly used (in drums) for enhancing or completely changing the acoustic drum sound.

Check this thread, as it does have some more info on the subject:

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