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Enter Music Publishing’s Drummies Hit Hard: 4600 Drummers Cast Votes...
Posted On 04/06/2011 15:25:27 by drummer41
Just wanted to keep the community up to date on this year's Drummies.     San Jose, Calif., Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum/percussion magazines, worldwide and online, is reporting very strong voting returns during the initial voting period for its 16th Annual Drummies. According to surveymonkey, approximately 4600 drummers have cast votes in the 42 categories that comprise the Drummies since March 10, 2011.   This strong voting return should result in a new Drummi... Read More

Enter Music Publishing Presents: The 16th Annual Drummies
Posted On 03/14/2011 13:51:55 by drummer41

Which Artist Will Win In 2011 Drummies? DRUM!'s annual Drummie voting has kicked off. Thousands of drummers will vote for the top players of the past year in more than twenty categories, from Rock and Hip-Hop drummer to Latin and Worldbeat Percussionist categories. Plus there are categories for instruments and drumming DVDs. DRUM! and Drummmagazine.com users can vote her... Read More

Enter Music Publishing Hits A Record During Drummies Voting 2010
Posted On 06/06/2010 13:29:07 by drummer41
  DRUM! Magazine saw record-breaking vote totals in the just-concluded balloting for their annual drumming awards, the Drummies. According to www.surveymonkey.com, approximately 6500 drummers posted 120,000 votes in the 40 categories that comprise the Drummies. The Drummies, now in its fifteenth year, is the most comprehensive and diverse poll programs in the drum business. The 6500 drummers, who did participate, voted in categories, ranging from “Best Drummer,” to “Best Drumming Acce... Read More

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