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The World's First and Only Snare Drum with a 100% Crystal Drum Shell!
Posted On 02/01/2013 00:38:32 by NolanPageDrumCo
After 17 years of development I have built a fully playable snare drum with a 100% crystal drum shell. Interested? Please check out my kickstarter campaign and please give me some feedback. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/254907529/worlds- first-playable-100-crystal-sna re-drum I'm anxious to get this drum on the market and in the hand of drummers everywhere. Thanks Mike Cherny ... Read More

The Tree we cut from
Posted On 09/15/2008 01:03:01 by blampied

The Trees we Cut From, By David Blampied A modern theory attributes tree growth during a time of unusually low solar activity during the Maunder Minimum "Little Ice Age" from 1645 to 1750 for temperatures throughout Europe to be much cooler causing stunting and slower tree growth with unusually dense wood. The wood harvested from the forests of northern Croatia Antonio Stradivari used to make his violins. an image of the Croatia forest in Europe The Chances are good that when you get your... Read More

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