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Playing softly but still laying down the groove
Posted On 08/08/2010 22:52:42 by KenSanders
  I perform frequently in venues where patrons come to enjoy acoustic jazz.  A drummer and friend recently wrote to say:     “I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.......PLAYING WITH DRIVE AND ENERGY ALL NIGHT LONG, BUT YET KEEPING THE VOLUME AT A WHISPHER!"   Let his observations sink in just a moment.        Well, there are several aspects to being able to do that.  However, be warned now.  If you are only willing to play those gigs where you get to beat the hell out of your drums…..the... Read More

What is hip? How about Jim White?
Posted On 06/23/2008 00:59:43 by KenSanders
The 2008 Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) exhibition has been here in Nashville this past week.  That event made way for all sorts of parties and special musical performances every night. For me the very coolest was a surprise special performance by Hammond Organ endorser/artist, Tony Monaco.  The show was at a small intimate Nashville jazz venue last night (Saturday).  Tony played selections from his recordings, and was accompanied by guitarist, Jack Pearson... Read More

Winding Down After the Gig is Over
Posted On 04/20/2008 11:16:46 by KenSanders
I’m back home from a two-night engagement at a supper club in the Cool Springs area of Metro Nashville. The total euphoria of the music we played has me wanting to keep on playing.  Ever have that feeling?

One of the very cool things about Nashville is that this city lives and breathes music.  And whether you are a performer or a listener, there is just a special interaction that is experienced in the small club performances.  Maybe I can explain that sensation a bit... Read More

Discussing Drum Tunings for Jazz, Big Band and Fusion
Posted On 04/13/2008 13:06:22 by KenSanders
Recently, I was asked  why the typical tunings used in “Acoustic Jazz”  for the bass drum and tom toms are higher than “Big Band” and “Fusion” tunings.    Well,  let’s talk about that a bit.  There are certainly no rules about how you must tune your drums, but there is some logic behind “why” some jazz drummers do use those "higher" tunings.

It’s basically a matter of being able to have a big full sound from the drums when played at... Read More

The Endless Flavors of Jazz
Posted On 03/20/2008 15:32:30 by KenSanders
Below I have a list of twenty living jazz drummers that I feel represent some of the of the cool directions of today’s jazz music.  Each drum artist has a distinctive style.  Some play in an almost understated way, while others burn with an undeniable presence. If you'll listen to some of their recordings, you'll hear their own trademark sounds.  I think that is very cool.

Here's my list:
Carl Allen Joey Baron Louis Bellson Brian Blade Clayton... Read More

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