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Less Is More
Posted On 03/17/2013 13:03:27 by Greeniedrums
WHY LESS IS MORE Welcome to my first blog, and thanks for taking the time to read it. I aim to get one up around every 2 weeks and will also add photos/videos/written diaries of random touring/studio antics (which will no doubt prove entertaining!) and new drum equipment I am using as things start to happen throughout the year. 2013 has been really productive so far, lot’s of big plans are in place with Little Comets, my own personal projects of teaching /workshops/clinics are busier than ev... Read More

Posted On 08/03/2010 14:33:05 by KenSanders
Had a great time yesterday meeting DW's Vice President, the renowned John Good.  I learned quite a bit about what John calls woodology from  him.  John Good lives and breathes the art of drum making and seeking ways to enhance the tone and tuning ease of his products. He thoroughly explained....and demostrated...... the way a drum tone is affected by the type of wood used; the direction and construction of the inner plies that form a drum shell; and the ways to customize... Read More

Band of Trouble
Posted On 06/18/2010 11:18:33 by patrick10354
Dragging my kits from Santa Barbara Ca. I started fresh in Houston Texas. Not knowing what to expect from a huge texas city, I soon found my style and chops widely accepted. I quickly joind a band to get out there and feed on the houston scene. The amount of cover bands verus origional is 50/50 and the tide pool of which is better seems the same as LA. I personally feel if your band works hard at which ever and you perform at a high level with a great show.. That is the artist, if you suck... Read More

Double Bass (Yes) or (No)
Posted On 11/26/2009 03:30:48 by MapexMan
So I wanted to know if you guys liked double BASS, or double PEDAL.  I prefer double bass because when I play double pedal my slave pedal is slower, but with double BASS, I get a direst, even respone everytime.  Leave your thoughts on my page :) Thanks guys!
... Read More

Pearl Forum Drum Set
Posted On 05/28/2009 14:36:47 by smulligan28
I purchased a Pearl Forum FZ725 Drum Set about three years ago, shortly after I first began to learn to play drum set.  I have to say, this set has served me well.  It's great for beginners and has an even better price.  In three years, this set's good quality is still intact.  I would definitely recommend it as a first set or as a practice set. ... Read More

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