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Want to be a professional drummer?
Posted On 06/30/2009 15:57:56 by KenSanders
  A young and aspiring drummer recently told me that he was going to be a professional Death Metal drummer.   I told him that was a fine goal, but I would not limit myself to ONE genre that could change or even decline in popularity, and thus....also decline in work opportunities.   Why not be a well-versed professional drummer who could always find work and a good paycheck for his skills.   For example:  Look at just a hand full of the opportunities in the drumming worl... Read More

Are You a Drummer?
Posted On 10/20/2008 16:23:48 by DrummersWeekly
Anyone who plays can be called a player. Not everyone who drums is a drummer. I have met players who play drums, and even some with great chops and technique, who just don’t play with their heart. Conversely, I have spent periods in my life without playing drums for months, or even years - but I will always be a drummer. The difference is very subtle, but very significant. There is always some kind of rhythym in my head. If my fingers aren’t taping on a desk, or my foot isn’t taping on the... Read More

Double and Single Bass Drumming
Posted On 04/28/2008 00:58:13 by Carthage
Hi, I would like to contribute a little to the double-bass technique topic. Ken Sanders has written an excellent blog on double-bass chops, and that should be very helpful for someone wanting to learn or improve their chops.
I would like to start by saying the obvious, and that is, if you want to get better, you have to practice. That brings us to the topic of "what to practice"
To be a well rounded drummer as far as chops go, you need to start developing your hands and feet together if... Read More

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