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Beginning Drummers - Setting up your kit
Posted On 12/22/2008 16:17:50 by KenSanders
This blog is intended to help beginning drummers with a logical and systematic method for finding their OWN IDEAL positioning for the components of their drum kit.  The emphasis is on comfort and easy playablity and NOT "cool" looks.      Lots of beginning drummers know where the  various components are usually located when the drums are set up.  If you DO need a quick familiarization of drum terms, then here a really GOOD one that Rob (Little drummer Boy) has crea... Read More

Are You a Drummer?
Posted On 10/20/2008 16:23:48 by DrummersWeekly
Anyone who plays can be called a player. Not everyone who drums is a drummer. I have met players who play drums, and even some with great chops and technique, who just don’t play with their heart. Conversely, I have spent periods in my life without playing drums for months, or even years - but I will always be a drummer. The difference is very subtle, but very significant. There is always some kind of rhythym in my head. If my fingers aren’t taping on a desk, or my foot isn’t taping on the... Read More

Craig Kampf....session master
Posted On 07/03/2008 04:53:21 by KenSanders
I talked to Nashville session drummer, Craig Kampf at Fork’s a few days ago.  Although, like me, he is a “senior” now , he is still rocking…..still writing…..still producing….and still playing drums.  He had just played a show with the famous L. A. studio greats, the “Wrecking Crew” the week before.  He was excited because Hal Blaine had asked him to join in and play percussion with them at the show.  Craig considered it a very special honor!   Now some o... Read More

What is hip? How about Jim White?
Posted On 06/23/2008 00:59:43 by KenSanders
The 2008 Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) exhibition has been here in Nashville this past week.  That event made way for all sorts of parties and special musical performances every night. For me the very coolest was a surprise special performance by Hammond Organ endorser/artist, Tony Monaco.  The show was at a small intimate Nashville jazz venue last night (Saturday).  Tony played selections from his recordings, and was accompanied by guitarist, Jack Pearson... Read More

The Count Basie Orchestra
Posted On 04/26/2008 20:50:34 by KenSanders
The Count Basie Orchestra performed in Nashville last night, and the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall was completely sold out.

Every single tune the Basie Band did was performed with the kind of passion that comes from really being “into” your music.  I could see it.....I could feel it.....the vibe was beyond comprehension. 
The arrangements, of course, were mesmerizing.  The tasty solos, and powerful shout choruses had everyone captured in the legacy being... Read More

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