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DRUM! Magazine Demos Diversity For NAMM 2010
Posted On 01/12/2010 11:04:34 by drummer41
DRUM! Demos Diversity For NAMM 2010: dave Lombardo’s Loud, But New Approach; Gavin Harrison’s Tips Of The Trade; Stanton Moore Meets Bonham   San Jose, Calif.,  -- Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip/drum percussion magazines worldwide, has published, maybe, its most diverse, insightful issue to date. And how apropos that Issue 168 is being displayed at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers trade show) 2010.   Featuring dave Lombardo of Slayer on the... Read More

The Count Basie Orchestra
Posted On 04/26/2008 20:50:34 by KenSanders
The Count Basie Orchestra performed in Nashville last night, and the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall was completely sold out.

Every single tune the Basie Band did was performed with the kind of passion that comes from really being “into” your music.  I could see it.....I could feel it.....the vibe was beyond comprehension. 
The arrangements, of course, were mesmerizing.  The tasty solos, and powerful shout choruses had everyone captured in the legacy being... Read More

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