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Bass Drums...ported or nor-ported? How about both?
Posted On 06/26/2009 13:37:40 by KenSanders
I have observed that many drummers playing in small to medium venues locally do not have a microphone on the bass drum.  In the small clubs and the low volume clubs, where customers want to be able to converse without shouting, drums are typically not miked.   Now, it is also typical for many drummers to cut a hole in the resonant side bass drum head.  The purpose is to facilitate easy placement of a microphone and to make is easy to adjust any muffling material placed inside the... Read More

Double and Single Bass Drumming
Posted On 04/28/2008 00:58:13 by Carthage
Hi, I would like to contribute a little to the double-bass technique topic. Ken Sanders has written an excellent blog on double-bass chops, and that should be very helpful for someone wanting to learn or improve their chops.
I would like to start by saying the obvious, and that is, if you want to get better, you have to practice. That brings us to the topic of "what to practice"
To be a well rounded drummer as far as chops go, you need to start developing your hands and feet together if... Read More

Louie Bellson's Power Rock set-up?
Posted On 03/15/2008 01:35:36 by KenSanders
I was watching the YOU TUBE video of a 1957 Louie Bellson performance of a tune called “Skin Deep”.  I have found out that this rather different version of that famous solo was filmed during his appearance on the Nat King Cole television show.  Wow.....fifty-one years ago!

I had the pleasure of meeting Louie Bellson, and hanging out with him and Larrie Londin, at the Nashville Local 257 of the American Federation of Musicians "old hall" on Division Street, back in the l... Read More

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