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42 years old
Blue Mt's / Country N.S.W.
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PRIMARY STYLE: Hard Rock/Metal
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exercise/fitness, other bands

H.E.(D.R.), Fear Factory(R.H.), Toto, DevolveD, Nile & DamageD(disbanded[Walk the Earth]), Psycroptic to name a few.

the Bible & related literature

A drum kit made up of more than 1 brand to get the most out of the protection trade marks & patents already have in place, this helps prevent a design fault achieving best possible results. (Simon S. Mills is a Fitter/Machinist[Cert.nu.9007299]), crew consists of a hand full of people who are chosen with each performance one of which will handle the M.C. duties if necessary possibly providing two. If contracted to a lengthy period of time or numerous performances the drum kit & personnel will be chosen & quoted accordingly, most of the time though Simon sets the kit up himself practising/performing at different studio's/venues. Simon started playing the drum kit early in 1990, he bought his first 5 piece (Tama-Superstar 5 piece natural wood finish/Headliner cymbals) from Guitar World Penrith. Simon originally got the idea to play the drum kit when he was young, after breaking his mothers cake containers he was out in the preaching work (Jehovah's Witness) with his Father Geoffery & Lyndsay Doyle(deceased) when he first thought about it, also bashing away on his childhood friends younger brothers kit while they were out. It wasn't untill Simon left school & meet Nash Hall as an apprentice Fitter/Machinist that he decided to play drums for a living. Simon then had lessons with Nash & (roadied for him with Mortal Sin buying a Pearl MLX another 5 piece liquid amber/Zildjan Platinum A cymbals [from Guitar Factory Parramatta]) Mal Morgan, Mitch Farmer, Gordon Rytmiester, Milan Troha (Billy Hydes Surry Hills), Chad Wakerman, Chris Brien, Danny Heifetz & Dave Haley to name a few. In 1991 after spending some time on the double pedal Simon then purchased a Yamaha RTC 10 piece, solid black/Meinl Raker cymbals from Sound Level Sydney later upgradeing to a Yamaha 9000 7 piece cherri wood/Paiste Sig. cymbals playing for bands named Ritual Action, Reality, Scared for life (Rose Tattoo cover show), Mungoop, Redsands, Evilution, XenoborG, VipeR Aegir's, T.L.C.(the Lewis Club), Razor Chain & currently H8Mail to name a few at venues around Sydney: the Evening Star, the Bat & Ball, the Hopetoun, the Lansdown, the Annandale, Vic on the Park, Lewisham Hotel, Petersham Bowling Club, Uncle Bucks, Penrith High School, Sydney R.S.L. & the Ori to name a few traveling from Penrith/Blue Mountains to Sydney/Northern beach's, Canberra & out to Tamworth & the rural area. He's also meet drummers such as Simon Phillips, Wayne Cambell, Raymond Herrera, Deen Castronovo, Gregg Bisonette, Andrew Gander, Paul Wheeler, Jeff & Hayden Tomlinson, Grant Collins, Matt Saunders, John Stainer, John Sankey, Donald Tardy & Dave Lombardo at clinics, gigs & in store signings to name a few more (all these drummers + more that he listen's to influence & shape his style of play (usually more kicking). Simon Mills is endorsing his own assembled drum kit (SebassO[Geo/custom 12 piece] equipped with Axis hardware, Ufip cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vater sticks & AKG mic's) Simon has honed his skill of playing the drum kit to a fine art, if you get a chance check them/him out. SebassO also makes a standard Vibe 7 piece shell drum kit for about $10,000 au.

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From: AlessandroBonacci
04/18/2010 07:06:53

thanks for friendship, nice to meet you!

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