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38 years old
San Diego
United States
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INSTRUMENT PLAYED: Drums and Percussion
PRIMARY STYLE: Hard Rock/Metal
BOOKING STATUS: Not Available / Currently with a Band
SMOKE: Sometimes
DRINK: Socially
MEMBER SINCE: 09/29/2009
STAR SIGN: Scorpio
LAST LOGIN: 04/21/2010 12:47:55

SCA, Music, riddles, games, puzzles, home improvement, computers, business, sex, self help, NLP, ancient civilizations, ritual magick, religion and spirituality, animals, masonry, and using my talents to help improve the way of life for all mankind...I think that's it....oh and....internal exploration.... oh, and Drums Everything! :)

all movies, unless they're really, really bad,,,but even then I still might watch...

Jungle, Jungle, Jungle, hip hop, punk, metal, jazz, muzak, funk, old love songs, reggae, regular rock, jungle, jungle, any other electronic genres, showtunes, bluegrass, dixie, tower of power, earth wind and fire, Primus, Tool, Rush, The mars volta, Kavena, cypress hill, snoop dogg, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Michael Jackson (1976 - 1990) and ofcourse my own shit, Kavena, Primal ancient drum rhythms, and Marching Battery compositions...

Stick Control, anything Alfred or Hal Leonard for kids and educational, Grove essentials (Tommy Igo), Jungle/Drum & Bass for the Modern Drummer (Johnny Rabb), and the list goes on, I'm a big fan of drum books and recommend checking one out from your local library today!

What?! Women, Duh! oh and Women who play drums, or dance to drums, or like drums, I can see where that would go somewhere... LOL :)

??? only the throw, and that's very seldom...


My name is Douglas Hubbard and I am a musician (percussionist) and an entrepreneur.

I play drums in a band who's name is "Kavena".

I give drum lessons, primarily to kids ages 6 - 17.

I repair hand drums (djembe, conga, bodhran, etc.)

I have a small moving company, where I can help my friends by giving them work that is satisfying, and helping people through tough transitional periods.

I attend alot of renaissance fairs and SCA events, and I enjoy history.... especially ancient history.

I also play with a group called the "procrastinators" part of PCI productions, and with them I have traveled over most of the U.S. playing on barstools, waterjugs, and saucepans at state fairs, local community events, and corporate showcases.

I am interested in everything music and arts, and take every opportunity to enrich my life through it and spread the energy to everyone I come into contact with it.

Please feel free to drop me an email, or give me a call at 619-395-2498 to discuss the previous or to expand on a new exciting venture!

I am always open to new encounters and meeting new people.

If you can read this I love you already! and you should call me to say hi :)

I hope that you have a wonderful day, and best wishes to you and yours'.

Douglas Hubbard

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