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Link Logen

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44 years old
United States
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Drums, drum competitions, drum clinics, drum circles

Drum line, the Rocky movies, Matrix, military, horror and comedy

All styles because it makes me a better musician

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Talkers that don't walk

Link has been surrounded by music since his birth. His mother used to sing, his father played guitar and delved a bit in the music scene and his grandfather played the drums. His nickname back in the day was Boom Boom Daddy. Link remembers his mother telling him how he used to always beat on things. He says, “I remember grabbing my mother’s kitchen utensils and using them as drumsticks on the couch.”

From any early age, Link immediately developed the coordination to play the drums before he even had a drum kit. It seemed to come natural for him. In the late 80’s he bought a drum kit from a high school friend. “This kit was awful. It was a Ludwig that had been rewrapped in vinyl upholstery but it served the purpose.” He soon co-founded his first band, Verbal Irony, which was a punk rock band. He joined his high school band and for the first year he played 5th bass in the marching band and participated in symphonic band, pep band, choir and the high school jazz band. He learned the basics of music and quickly taught himself how to read and write music and how to break down complex rhythms. "I remember locking myself in my bedroom and for hours on end I would play my drum kit then switch to marching snare then back to the kit. I wanted to play the marching snare, not bass." In 1988, he earned 1st place, class A in a drum ensemble and 1st place class B in a snare drum solo through his high school in Carroll County, Ohio.
He then entered the United States Navy in 1989 and was shipped to Italy where he lived for 6 years. He learned to speak Italian fluently, which is important because musical dynamics are in Italian. He took advantage of the opportunity, performed in 2 different bands and toured in Italy, Scotland, Spain and France. He also created the 1st Regiment Drum Corps. and took vocal lessons while in Italy.

He returned to the United States in 1995 and taught himself how to play guitar and music theory. He attended 2 different vocal schools and had registered 6 albums worth of his material with the Library of Congress.

In 2004, Link earned the title of Northeast Ohio's Best Drummer and in 2005 he founded the Federation of Drums LLC. The Federation dealt with all aspects of drumming from clinics, lessons, circles, competitions and world records, motivational speaking, running a local baton and drum corps. and charity events. He felt too many drummers and percussionists were being misinformed on the proper education in the percussive arts.
In 2005, he set the world record at the Double Bass Marathon, which was 160BPM for 14 hours and 38 minutes. He then set another world record the following year at the Double Bass Marathon, which was 432BPM for 10 hours and 30 minutes. In 2008, he broke the current world record at the Drum Kit Marathon, which stood at 84 hours, by performing for 86 hours and 16 minutes. Later that year, he broke his own world record by performing for 92 hours straight. He has performed with various artists ranging from Drowning Pool and 10 Years to Mushroomhead as well as sharing the stage with drumming icon, Simon Kirke, of Bad Company and performing for Gene Simmons of Kiss. In 2011 he founded Logen Percussion which has assumed the role of his late Federation of Drums. He has made numerous guest appearances as an instructor, clinician, speaker and a technician.

His dedication in the proper education in the percussive arts is unprecedented. He has high standards and values, which he incorporates with the art of drumming. He states that it is better to be a drum mentor rather than a drum instructor. He strongly believes in the benefits of drumming and proudly endorses the research of Dr. Barry Bittman and Dr. Glenn Shellenberg. Link feels that drummers should be like a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible. There are entirely too many categories of drumming to be the master of it all. He believes it is better to be the jack-of-all-trades in the percussive arts. He has numerous sponsors and endorsers and has been featured and mentioned in various magazines, newspapers, internet, TV and radio.

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