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President and CEO Johnny Nightmare has been a serious drummer for over 20 years. He's also been a long time artist, woodworker, and leather craftsman.

Welcome to Devil's Workshop Custom Drums based out of Arizona. All our drums are hand crafted one by one. We mass produce nothing. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to make sure every drum is individually crafted to perfection. You will not get this type of attention to detail from any production style drum company.

Devil's Workshop combines the classic drum building craftsmanship of the past with modern day design, materials, construction, and hardware. We hand-finish our drum shell interiors while the majority of drum companies leave the interior raw. We feel that finishing the inside of the shell enhances tone and increases projection, making it well worth the additional effort. As a standard our drums come with 8 ply shells for loud situations in which extra attack and volume is preferred. We also hand-polish our bearing edges for optimum tone as well as more consistent and faster tuning. The inner shell of all our drums come with the Devil's Workshop seal of hand craftsmanship and the date of the drums production. This signifies our attention to detail and classic craftsmanship in the tradition of the great drums of the past. We do not install shell mounting hardware on any of our drums, we only use free floating suspension mounts. We pride ourselves in the quality of our materials, craftsmanship, unique appearance, and of course, the sound of the drums we make. The end results are drums that possess superior strength and sound as sick as they look.

Although we only use the very best materials available, our mission is to provide you with the finest high-end drums around but also with a reasonable price tag. Don't let our affordable prices mislead you. Our drums are built of the highest quality materials. We spare no expenses right down to the last stainless steel screw on every drum. We keep our prices low because we feel high-end custom drums should be available to every drummer, and not something you'd have to sell your soul for... although that can be arranged.

Our drums are made of Maple or Birch and our sizes range from 6"-28" inches with plys ranging from 6-20. Bearing edges are usually cut to a dual 45 degree edge unless you request otherwise. See are blogs for more information and prices.

Because all custom drums are hand crafted according to customer specifications, a 75% deposit is required to cover initial production. Full payment is required before any drum set or snare will be shipped. Payments are accepted through Paypal, check, or money order. All drums are guaranteed to produce the customers desired effect, both in sound and appearance. When requesting a quote please include some specifics as to what your wanting.

You may find it helpful to check out our blogs for some information about wood types, shell sizes, plys, and bearing edges and how they will effect the sound of your drums.

We're trying to keep this page updated with pics of recent projects and information. However, right now we're focusing more on drum building, rather than drum-photography. So please be patient and keep checking back with us. If you have any questions just send us a message or call.

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